Thursday, February 19, 2009

Message from GHSA Executive Director Ralph Swearngin

Here we are again! Bringing together all classifications for the GHSA Wrestling Championships continues to be a highlight of the GHSA year. On behalf of the Georgia High School Association and its corporate partners, I want to thank you for your support at this year’s State Championship matches, and for your support of high school sports throughout this season.

The Georgia High School Association could not offer quality tournaments such as this without the hard work of a large number of volunteers who give of themselves tirelessly. This championship event is hosted by members of the Atlanta Takedown Association, who have participated in its planning and operation. A special word of thanks goes out to these volunteers led by Bud Hennebaul, Tournament Director, and to GHSA Assistant Executive Director, Gary Phillips, who is the GHSA administrator for Wrestling.

The quality of wrestling in Georgia continues to improve tremendously as players, coaches and officials perform at new levels of excellence. This championship event will showcase great wrestling and outstanding coaching. These athletes have persevered through the battles involved in maintaining their weight in a healthy manner, and they have endured long practices and intense competitions. The Georgia High School Association strongly believes that lifelong lessons about discipline and hard work are best learned in the competitive arenas of high school athletics.

Now, get ready for exciting wrestling action. Support your wrestlers vigorously, and remember to demonstrate good sportsmanship always.