Friday, March 13, 2009

Halftime thoughts

Redan have to be able to taste the title at this point. They have complete control of this game on both ends of the floor and lead 34-17.

McCall has 7 points, but she hasn't dominated the game by any means. And you have to give a lot of credit to Aneesah Daniels and Delia Brunson, who have kept her in check.

But the story for me is at the guard position. Alisha Andrews has completely handled the Brittany's (White and Echols), and you can see that with the pace the game has been played. It's been up-and-down basketball for the duration of the half, and Marietta are clearly having some trouble keeping up.

Echols and White will need to do a better job of controlling that pace in the third quarter. Problem is, if they don't make a run immediately to start the third, they'll be forced to pick up the speed regardless, which should have the Raiders licking their chops.

Second half is starting in five, I'll be back then.